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Key Features:

Voltage : 60v

Colors: (Red+Black) (White+Blue) (Yellow+Green)

Height (inch): 1780

Width (inch) : 1250

Length (Inch): 2800

Battery: Lithium

Brake: Front Disc Rear Drum


Bettery Charging Time: 8-12 Hours

Max Speed: 40 km/h

Hub: Iron

Motor : 60V 1800W

Max Load: 500 KG

Weight (KG) : 320KG without battery (Gross)

Design and Versatility:


The Mishuk three-wheeler boasts exceptional design and versatility, making it a preferred choice for urban transportation. Its compact yet sturdy frame enables easy maneuverability through congested streets while providing ample space for passengers and cargo. The vehicle's ergonomic seating arrangement ensures comfort for both driver and passengers during long commutes. Equipped with a reliable engine and efficient transmission system, the Mishuk offers smooth acceleration and dependable performance on various road conditions. Its versatile design allows for customization according to specific needs, such as adding extra seating or cargo compartments. Overall, the Mishuk three-wheeler stands out for its practicality, durability, and adaptability in urban environments.

Technology Integration:

Mishuk can accommodate three or four passengers because it is a smaller E3W. Mishuk requires less money than an Easy Bike because it only needs four batteries as opposed to an Easy Bike's five batteries. Mishuk's small size makes it appropriate for an urban setting with heavy traffic. Nonetheless, Easy Bikes are better suited for suburban and rural locations and have a seating capacity of six to eight people. Easy Bikes are ideal for rural and semi-urban routes since they have more operational power and ground clearance than Mishuks. Given their greater availability than Mishuk, this article primarily focuses on Easy Bikes as E3Ws in terms of structural specifications and energy requirements. E3Ws are generally shaped with just slight dimension deviations. Table 2 displays the structural details of



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